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The spring morning news, according to make sure you Taiwan media, Taiwan’s which leads foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Business Company yesterday days annually technology forum held your U.S., Chairman Morris Modifi said that the entire world this year and a future Semiconductor Both the in good health growth of the market, from to showed medium growth, compound annual rate of growth of . . Alter also said the semiconductor industry needs more Effort And early Chip design must cooperate and effectively reduce costs, TSMC nanometer, nanometer, nanometer business process and other brand new research and development won’t be absent. As currently the semiconductor market economy main recovery, TSMC’s annual tools forum attracted nearly or representatives of customers per partners, while Chang happens to be in a speech the second of all five years for all semiconductor market economy, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing industry positioning, and the semiconductor offer the future challenges defending their views.

Chang said that the world semiconductor market this time will reach annual rise rate, scale will make contact with billion U.S. dollars, the next time well will further grow great and next year’s expansion is very healthy, but then from to , with show moderate growth, composite annual growth rate created by . for the Ed Design industry can meet . growth rate. Some sort of modest growth in bash market reason, including the quantity of of semiconductor builtS challenge has reached the huge point of the plant based slow growth; and Internet Manufacturing Product Sell Alteration the focus from the business end consumer side, along with developed countries transferred so that you developing countries, the nominal price continues to become less popular.

In addition, nonsemiconductor the different parts of Electronic Manufacturing products included the increase in costs, enhance the level among chip integration, Electronic Formulation products were built resulting in the decline in fundamental number of chips; In the western world slowing down the systems have been forthcoming Moore’s Law is 1 the important reasons. Modifi said that TSMC key spending this year in the market to . billion overweight intention is to provide prospective customers with an effective capacity, and in addition regarding money, we also a few talent, the TSMC closure of last year that’s about employees , now has grown to .

China sourcing by the wind of increase to really. million, and over the past 5 years years, the R & D increased by times, getting back together is semiretired Jiang Shangyi used on Senior Vice President Investigations and Development , an additional vice president to steer R & D collection with the FuChieh Hsu, now , has constructed almost nanometer, nanometer is approximately to start R & D, followed by nm, nm generation, TSMC won’t be absent.