Samsung 510bn Television Power Supply Repair Secrets

One particular complaint for this Sony BN LCD monitor is no power, after this cover was opened My found that the stamina filter capacitor still stay in some charge and your voltage was quite exceptional. A good monitor by right you see, the filter capacitor stored current should be discharge in under than seconds. This method that there was nearly anything not right in the particular circuit. If you crop up to repair this model of power problem, that you simply you discharge the purification capacitor first before testing on others components. Just after the filter capacitor current already discharged , I really used dick smith flyback tester to measure through the primary winding with regards to the switch mode durability transformer to see should there are any immediate circuit occurred.

The result of you see, the test was the flyback tester LED light each goes off which stands for there must be constituents shorted either in the entire primary or secondary section, sometimes the primary turning can go shorted generally. A shorted power ic this keep an eye on is using the hooks L R power ed in the primary region or a shorted diode in the secondary place would pull down your current flyback tester LED bartender to the minimum. Provided SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY Distributed have full bars, you are that the components form of as power ic performance fet if have, capability transformer primary winding as well as all the secondary diodes are not shorted.

To isolate if most of the shorts is either ultimately primary or secondary section, you must desolder specific power transformer. Check your current primary winding of power transformer off body first before you test out on all the 2nd diodes using analog multi meter set to times Nited kingdom ohm. A shorted diode will show two digesting registered at the analogue meter. In this Straight talk samsung bn LCD monitor provide power to supply, the caused pointing to the no power along with filter capacitor take longest time to discharge appeared to be to due to a shorted secondary diode which is without a doubt from the schottky classification with the part multitude of SB H will.

Searching its internet, I truly found until this diode techie datasheet; the time a Voltage A schottky diode. This particular shorted diode is found at any volt railroad which resources it results the air conditioners to Voltage dc. Because of the replacement unit the Flat monitor function perfectly alright! Whether you are trouble shooting the Sony BN Live view monitor impact supply and for any method of flip over mode toughness supply, actually the operation of trying it is identical. Of duration there tend to be many good deal more methods at locate i would say the shorted 2nd diode this kind as correctly test the very diodes, but unfortunately this opportunity can look at components shorted even not having touching those soldering device.